Musk and Microsoft at war to dominate in AI

Tension at its highest between Microsoft, which removed Twitter from its advertising channels, and Musk. The real game, however, is between ChatGpt and TruthGpt. Facts and insights
musk microsoft war

On one side of the ring is Elon Musk, the histrionic entrepreneur. On the other there is Microsoft. Which has entered the world of AI after acquiring OpenAi, the software house that cradles ChatGpt.

As demonstrated by the Samsung affair, whoever has the best AI will dominate the web. And not only that.

Perhaps this is why Musk has been attacking ChatGpt. In which he had also believed and invested, in all sorts of ways for some months now, even in a rather vulgar manner, but disposing of his shares a few months before the deal exploded in a disruptive manner. Thus inflating the value of the software house.

All of Musk’s attacks on Microsoft’s ChatGPT

In a recent Twitter exchange, the Tesla patron blamed Sam Altman’s company, pointing out that OpenAI began as a non-profit, whereas today it is dedicated to business thanks to its multi-billion dollar deal with Microsoft.

OpenAI was created as an open source (which is why I named it ‘Open’ AI), non-profit company to serve as a counterweight to Google. But now it has become a closed source, maximum-profit company effectively controlled by Microsoft.

Not content with that, Musk has joined the moratorium of scholars and engineers who are calling for the development of new artificial intelligences to be slowed down. Thus, because it could pose a danger of unknown contours. Indeed, the former startupper is among the weighty names in the so-called ‘anti ChatGPT’ manifesto.

The demand of the signatories of what the press has dubbed the ‘anti-GPT manifesto’ is for a pause of at least six months of all activities of the most powerful GPT-4 AI labs. ‘This pause should be public and verifiable and include all key players. If such a pause cannot be implemented quickly, governments should step in and institute a moratorium’.

Microsoft removes itself from Twitter

Now, just days after announcing the existence of his version of ChatGpt, namely TruthGpt – Elon Musk has threatened to file a lawsuit against Microsoft.

In a tweet, he claimed that the Redmond giant had used Twitter data without authorisation to train artificial intelligence software. As we read in The Verge Microsoft would not comment on Elon Musk’s threat of a lawsuit.

Honestly, it is hard to imagine that ChatGpt, in which Microsoft has invested 10 billion dollars, has any involvement in the affair.

Let us not forget that the Digital Marketing Center tool of the Microsoft Advertising platform will no longer support Twitter from 25 April 2023 after Elon Musk’s company’s decision to charge $42,000 per month to use its API (application programming interface).

A sum that Satya Nadella’s company is not willing to spend. Certainly not even in court.

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