The most searched words on Google in 2022

As every year, Google published its list of this year's most searched keywords in 2022. Here are the results.
most searched words google

As every year, Google published its list of this year’s most searched keywords in 2022.

Among the most searched worlds, there is of course “Ukraine“, which is the most searched world of the year. Related to the war, appears also “Putin“. Among the farewell, “Queen Elizabeth” is the top searched character of the year.

The data reveals an interest for up-to-date and ongoing events, especially painful ones as the conflict Russia-Ukraine, and a need to understand what is going on around us. Also, recurrent is the interest in more relaxed and light themes, as for example sport, technology and online games.

The most searched words on Google

The most searched word on Google in 2022 are:

  • Ukraine: in relation to the ongoing conflict and often associated with ‘World War III’;
  • Wordle: a web-puzzle that requires players to guess a five-letter word in six tries or less, very popular among millennials;
  • Queen Elizabeth: this year, the British royal family and the United Kingdom had to deal with a deep mourning, namely the death of Queen Elizabeth, sovereign and pillar of the country for 70 years;
  • Russia – Ukraine, also referring to the ongoing conflict;
  • Australian Open, namely the most important and popular tennis event.

Among the other popular keywords, there are “World Cup“, “Iphone 14“, “Jeffrey Dahmer“, “Indian Premier“.

The questions we asked Google in 2022

There is also room for questions and it stands out that one the most searched question was “why Russia wants to invade Ukraine”, again in relation to the ongoing conflict. According to data, this is the question that recorded the greatest increase in searches during the year.

Among the most searched questions, appears:

  • Why is petrol rising“: the disproportionate increase in petrol prices at the beginning of the year has left many puzzled;
  • Why does diesel cost more than petrol?“. rising fuel prices caused the price of diesel to exceed the price of petrol.

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