The most influential people in history from ancient times to today

Elizabeth Smith

Influence is a verb that can take on a positive or negative meaning, depending on the context. Here are the most influential people in history.

Fortunately, “influencers” as we understand them today are not present in the list. The most influential people in history are those who truly, after their passage into this world, were able to leave a mark and improve it.

Unfortunately, however, it is possible to influence historical events even in a negative way and in fact, in 15th place we find Adolf Hitler. Here are the best contributions to history by philosophers and writers, artists and musicians.

The most influential people in history: analysis by MIT in Boston

In the study by students of the well-known American university, the criteria examined are different. Influence is a verb that can take on a positive or negative meaning, depending on the contexts in which the character or event in question is placed.

This is why in the ranking we also find Bob Marley or Marilyn Monroe, as well as porn actors for example. There is another interesting fact that emerges from the MIT analysis, namely that writers and philosophers have been more influential than politicians.

Here is the top 10 most influential people in history:

  • Aristotle

  • Plato

  • Jesus

  • Socrates

  • Alexander the Great

  • Leonardo da Vinci

  • Confucius

  • Julius Caesar

  • Homer

  • Pythagoras

As can be seen, therefore, it is the philosophers who occupy the top places in the ranking, with Jesus instead placing himself in third place.

The study presents other rankings in parallel, for example regarding musicians and actors. So, in this last category, the prominent name is that of Marilyn Monroe, in the company of Bruce Lee and Charlie Chaplin. As for the musicians, the undisputed podium goes to Jimi Hendrix.

In addition to the individual characters, the university students also developed the ranking of the countries that boast of having given birth to the greatest number of geniuses in history.

Well, despite being a young country from a historical point of view, it is the United States that gets the credit for having contributed the greatest number of influential people over the years.

Who is the most influential person in history

Therefore, according to the studies taken as reference in this article, Aristotle is the most influential person in history. To find a character from contemporary history instead, we drop to 15th position with Hitler.

Aristotle dates back to ancient history, in the centuries before Christ, and is Greek. He is universally recognized as one of the most innovative and prolific minds of all time. His knowledge of him was vast and profound, in many fields.

Aristotle gave a scientific imprint to philosophy and together with Plato and Socrates he is counted among the fathers of Western philosophical thought.

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