The world’s most dangerous volcanoes

Sushree Behera

Volcanos are the primordial part of the Earth’s core. They are formed in the most extreme heat, unbearable to any living thing. And they exist millions of years after they are formed, bursting scintillating and scorching lava occasionally.

Today, thousands of people live near the most dangerous volcanoes. The most disturbing fact about these dangerous volcanoes is that no one can predict their random bursts.

Top 10 most dangerous volcanoes of all time

Volcanoes are fascinating and powerful forces of nature, and their eruptions can have devastating consequences. While it’s challenging to rank the “most dangerous” volcanoes definitively, as each eruption is unique.

1. Mount Vesuvius

This dangerous volcano was responsible for annihilating the city of Pompeii in 79 CE. According to the Smithsonian Institute, Mount Vesuvius has erupted at least 8 times in the last 17,000 years, and in the future, a large-scale eruption will likely occur. Today, about six million people live near this dangerous volcano.

2. Kilauea

Kilauea is situated in the region of the United States. Following its magnanimous eruption in 1990, Kilauea was responsible for destroying the town of Kalapana and transforming it into a no man’s land. This dangerous volcano erupted once again in 2018. After a formidable earthquake, it was observed that its volcanic particles, like lava fountains, went up to 300 feet. These eruptions will likely occur in the future. 

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3. Michoacán – Guanajuato

This dangerous volcano has many shield volcanos spread across the region. It possesses about 1400 vents that significantly threaten the 6 million living nearby. Although its eruptions haven’t been as deadly as other fires, it still poses a significant threat due to its proximity to the towns and cities. 

4. Mount Rainer

According to USGS, Mount Rainer possesses many dangers that are more justified in categorising it as one of the most dangerous volcanoes. The volcano’s proximity to suburbs like Seattle and Tacoma and the effect eruption has on two million people are considered. Moreover, Mount Rainer’s chemical composition, elevation and capability to burst pyroclastic flows, volcanic ash and lava is next to none. 

5. Sakurajima

A volcanic Caldera, Aira Caldera, has erupted to such an extent that it caused the formation of another volcano. Sakurajima has erupted many times, but the 1914 disaster caused a lot of damage. Due to its nearness to the city of Kagoshima, it poses a severe threat to at least 2 million lives. It’s also been predicted that this volcano might erupt more in the coming decades. 

6. Krakatoa

Krakatoa is considered to be a legendary volcano. Situated in Indonesia, the volcano became active in 1883 and caused such dangerous eruptions during the time that they could be heard 2800 miles away. The explosions had everyone who lived nearby either suffer a casualty or had them dislocated. About 36,000 people have died from these eruptions. Krakatoa’s dangerous explosions resulted in the formation of an island called Anak Krakatau. 

7. Novarupta Volcano

Novarupta Volcano is one of the most dangerous volcanoes ever to exist. It was formed by an eruption that shook a part of the earth in 1912. It is believed to be the largest eruption that occurred in the 20th century. The explosion was of enormous magnitude, which resulted in partial blindness and respiratory issues to nearby dwellers. 

8. Mount Pelée

The city of Saint Pierre, which once thrived, suffered an irrecoverable disaster in 1902 by the eruption of Mount Pelee. Approximately 28,000 people were killed, and the city, which was once called Paris of the Caribbean, was turned into a complete wasteland. According to the observation of many volcanologists, this dangerous volcano hasn’t been active since 2013, but it’s eruption in 1902 still bears the scar it left behind. 

9. Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo is a volcano situated in Indonesia. Although dangerous in this regard, the volcano is extremely scenic. This tempting attraction has garnered many tourists in East Java. Mount Bromo has erupted multiple times since 2004, but its most dangerous explosion was in 2011. Due to the eruption, many flights scheduled to fly were cancelled due to extreme volcanic ash. If one is planning to explore one of these dangerous volcanoes, it is suggested that they tread lightly and take every precaution. 

10. Mount Pinatubo

After its formidable eruption in 1991, Mount Pinatubo attracted the attention of many volcanologists. Located in the popular part of the Philippines, this volcano has caused an eruption that is regarded as the 2nd largest eruption in the 20th century. Pyroclastic flows that were produced after the 1991 eruption killed at least 722 people and wreaked havoc in the nearby regions. According to the Global Volcanic Program, around 21 million people reside near this dangerous hotspot.

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