The top 10 most criminal countries in the world

Explore the shadows of global crime hotspots in our riveting journey through the "Top 10 Most Criminal Countries in the World." Unveil the dark narratives shaping these nations' underworlds.
most criminal countries

With a drastic rise in the field of technology and transportation, many things have changed directly or indirectly. Every action, invention or discovery has two consequences: one favouring mankind and the opposite. Lately, criminal cases have spiked by a huge margin. 

Crimes are rising every day, and many criminal countries are answerable to it. The nations where crime rates are seen to be the highest are referred to as criminal countries by the general public, media and survey reports.

The 10 most criminal countries worldwide

Here in this article, we will talk about the most prominent names that are notably famous for their ominous atmosphere. 

1. Venezuela

One of the most taken names in this list is Venezuela, the most urbanized country in Latin America. In 2022, there were around 40.4 homicides per one hundred thousand inhabitants. Luckily, it was 40.9 before when the crime rate was the highest in 2017. 

Although since 2017, the crime rate has been decreasing with every passing year, with the number of homicides, one can not deny the fact that Venezuela is one of the most criminal countries in the world. 

2. Papua New Guinea

With a crime index of 80.79, Papua New Guinea is the next country that comes to mind when talking about criminal countries. Although four times less than Venezuela, Papua New Guinea experienced almost ten homicides per one hundred thousand inhabitants after 2010. 

From 1998 to 2010, the country in Oceania was seeing only 8.7 homicides on average. Unfortunately, the crimes increased after 2010, probably from 2012 onwards. 

3. Afghanistan

This Middle-Asian country that has lately fallen into the hands of Talibans has a homicide rate of 4.20. However, 2021 saw a 39 percent decline in crime rates than 2020. After the Talibans took over the country, the crime rates spiked again.

Afghanistan saw its most murderous atmosphere in 2015, where almost 10 people were killed per hundred thousand people. From 2016 to 2021, the reports displayed a gradual reduction in criminal cases. 

4. Haiti

Being a Caribbean country, Haiti is not only famous for its beaches but also for its criminal index. The most recent report of 2021 shows that Haiti has a crime rate of 13.01, which is 14.9 percent more than 2020.

In 2020, the number was 11.32; that too was 67.79 percent more than in 2018. Since 2017, the homicide rate in Haiti has been increasing, and the government is really worried about this. 

5. South Africa

South Africa is a well-known country throughout the world. However, it too, has a dark side. Since 2011, the homicide rate in South Africa has been increasing; it became 41.87 per hundred thousand people in 2021. In 2011, it was only 29. 

The annual change per cent of murders in South Africa in 2021 was 23.26 per cent. South Africa had its worst phase in 1994 when the murder rate was almost close to 60 per 100,000 people. 

6. Honduras

Honduras is a country in Central America that has approximately 36 murders per one hundred thousand people as of 2022. Honduras is considered as one of the worst criminal countries in the American continent. Lately, the lack of socioeconomic opportunities has triggered criminal instincts in Honduras. 

7. Trinidad and Tobago

This Caribbean country, which the World Bank recognizes for its industrial economy, has a homicide rate of 29.36 as of 2021. The annual change percentage from 2020 to 2021 is 11.73 percent. 

2019 the crime rate was close to 36, which reduced to 26 in 2020. However, the COVID phase triggered the murder rate again in 2021. Due to financial instability, crime rates spiked, and more people were found to have been killed in 2021. 

8. Syria

Almost everyone knows the horrifying condition of Syria due to terrorist attacks. In 2019, almost 20 people were getting murdered in Syria per one hundred thousand people. The homicide rate kept on increasing in Syria from 1998 till 2019. People were for hateful purposes.

9. Guyana

Guyana is a coastal country in South America. It is mostly well-known for its dense rainforest. However, the crime rates are also not far behind. Cases of violent murders and robberies easily make Guayana one of the most feared criminal countries in the world. 

Though there is a decline in the murder rate in 2021, still the number stands at 16.28. A year before, it was almost 18. The local police force lacks ample defense materials to put a full stop to the crimes. 

10. Jamaica

Jamaica is a Caribbean island nation that is full of wildlife, including mountains and rainforests. Jamaican crime rate, as per statistics, hit an ominous number of 52.13 in 2021. It is a 10.29 per cent increase if compared to 2020. 

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