Metafrasi: Leading Innovation in Healthcare and Patent Translation

Led by Sabrina Eskelson, Metafrasi is setting new benchmarks in the translation industry by skillfully integrating the latest technologies with the irreplaceable nuances of human insight. Positioned at the nexus of past, present, and future, Metafrasi champions a visionary approach to specialized translation.

The Human Touch in a Digital Age

Metafrasi’s unique approach embraces the rapid advancements of artificial intelligence, enhancing operational efficiency while upholding the profound cultural and contextual understanding that only human experts can provide. “Artificial intelligence streamlines our workflow, but the real magic happens when human perception enriches the text,” says CEO Sabrina Eskelson. In technical, patent and healthcare translation, where precision shapes legal and medical outcomes, Metafrasi ensures meticulous attention to detail, thereby safeguarding intellectual property and patient safety.

A Bold Leap Towards the Future: Metafrasi’s Rebranding

Metafrasi is embracing a dynamic future with a bold rebranding strategy that mirrors its commitment to excellence and innovation. Eskelson explains, “Our rebranding is a declaration of our vision for the future — a future where Metafrasi not only raises the bar for specialized translations but also goes beyond it through advanced technology paired with unparalleled human precision.”

Metafrasi’s proactive stance in the patent and healthcare sectors doesn’t just meet the existing demands of its clients; it anticipates the linguistic and communicative challenges ahead, solidifying its role as a strategic partner in innovation.

Under Eskelson’s expert leadership, Metafrasi is redefining the translation industry by melding technological advancements with the human touch, thus pushing the boundaries of global communication and consistently reinforcing its status as a trusted leader in the field.

Explore the cutting-edge world of specialized translations with Metafrasi at, where technology meets tradition to redefine industry standards.

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