Le Fonti Global Awards, the eagerly awaited international format restarts from Dubai

The Le Fonti Global Awards, prestigious international recognition for entrepreneurial excellences, restart from Dubai on February 16.
le fonti global awards dubai

February 16 is the first date of 2023 of the Le Fonti Global Awards.

First stop: the city of Dubai, the economic capital of the United Arab Emirates. In the beautiful oasis of the Palace Downtown, the highly anticipated format will shine the spotlight on Italian and foreign companies that have earned a prominent place in their field.

The Le Fonti Awards – unique itinerant events that touch the world’s major international business arenas, from Milan to New York, from London to Singapore, to Hong Kong – represent one of the most prestigious international recognition of entrepreneurial excellence from one part of the globe to another.

The Dubai event, in particular, will be presented by the charismatic Rania Ali and will open with a CEO Summit where top figures and experts will discuss key current issues. Following this, excellences of the entrepreneurial, legal and professional world who have distinguished themselves through ambitious projects, high specialization and, of course, innovation and leadership in their sector will be awarded.

Among the evening’s audience, a parterre of local and international professionals, including several institutional personalities. Great are the excitement and expectations among the finalist companies for receiving the prestigious award:

It gives us great pleasure to be nominated under the category of Excellence of the Year-Innovation & Banking by Le Fonti Awards. We are delighted to be one of the finalists. The team has worked hard to build a formidable franchise, keeping the Customer Service credo at the forefront at all times.  

These are the words from Axis Bank, one of the leading private sector banks in India and the DIFC.

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