The latest consumer behavior trends of 2023

Oluwatoni Olujinmi

When talking about consumer behavior, it refers to the study of how individuals, groups, or organizations select, buy, use, and dispose of goods, services, ideas, or experiences. It encompasses the psychological, social, and economic processes that influence these decisions. 

This field takes a closer look at the various factors that affect consumer choices, including personal preferences, cultural influences, social factors, psychological aspects, and marketing strategies. Understanding this consumer behavior doesn’t only help businesses but marketers as well to tailor their products, services, and marketing campaigns to better meet the needs and desires of their target audience. 

The 10 latest consumer behavior trends of 2023

Consumer behavior trends in 2023 reflect a diverse range of preferences and priorities. 

1. Trading down and splurging selectively

Consumers are balancing between seeking value and indulging in premium products. A significant number of people are opting for cheaper brands or private-label products, while a considerable portion, especially among younger generations, plans to splurge on experiential purchases like dining out or travel. 

2. Omnichannel shopping

Most consumers now use multiple channels for each purchase. This seamless blending of shopping experiences across different channels – online, in-store, through social media, and mobile apps – is what we call “omnichannel shopping.” It’s all about giving you a consistent, convenient shopping experience, no matter how or where you choose to shop. It is observed that consumers still interact with omnichannel brands that capture and maintain their interest. Businesses that use omnichannel tactics typically keep up to nearly ninety percent of their client base.

3. Brand loyalty and exploration

There’s a trend of sticking with familiar big brands while also exploring new ones. This behavior is more pronounced in younger consumers who are more open to trying newer, potentially more innovative brands. Due to their five-fold higher likelihood of believing that newer companies are superior or more inventive than established ones than earlier generations, Gen Zers and millennials are particularly prone to brand flipping.

4. Sustainability and affordability

More items are entering the market with sustainability-related claims than without them. As a business owner, you must find a way to balance affordability with sustainability, which is particularly important in an environment where inflation is growing.

Consumers are increasingly concerned about sustainability, but their willingness to pay a premium for sustainable products is uncertain, especially during times of inflation.

5. Quality over quantity

When consumers want a certain product in large quantities, they don’t go to their preferred brands. But they rather turn to them for high-quality products. You should never compromise quality for quantity, even though some things may be best purchased in bundles or bulk supplies. 

To keep customers coming back, businesses must ensure every product they sell is constantly of high quality. Should that not happen, customers can discover that even if your products are reasonably priced when purchased in two or more pieces, the quality isn’t worth the money.

6. Increased social media shopping

There’s a significant rise in consumers purchasing through social media platforms, with a marked increase from just 12% in 2022 to 41% recently feeling comfortable with social media shopping maximizing platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc. That’s an amazing change in behavior. By disseminating material across these platforms that pique interest and foster trust, as a social media marketer, you have an increased chance of influencing consumer behavior.

7. Social media usage across generations

Older generations like Gen X and Boomers are increasingly using social media as a product discovery channel, marking a shift from traditional TV ads and internet searches. It’s worth noting that Teenagers are not the only ones who use social media on a daily basis. It’s equally handy for older generations. In addition to amusement, social networking offers a sense of community and a more designated area for window shopping.

8. Growing support for small businesses

More consumers are choosing products from small businesses, with a notable increase in the last few months. This behavior change could be the result of the pandemic’s aftereffects. Some of the mom-and-pop stores that many customers loved had to close because they were losing money as a result of fewer customers and traffic. Many customers have remembered to support local companies now that the worst of COVID-19 has passed.

9. Prioritization of health and wellness 

These days, people are more concerned with their well-being in addition to social duty and the environment. The typical customer is looking for better ways to take care of themselves and better themselves. This holds true for both mental and physical well-being. There are ways to advertise the advantages of your items even if they are not related to health and wellness.

10. Influencer’s effect

Influencers significantly affect consumer behavior by leveraging their perceived authenticity and trustworthiness to shape perceptions and set trends. Their personalized and interactive engagement with specific audience niches creates a deeper sense of connection and trust, making their product endorsements more influential than traditional advertising. This targeted approach enables brands to reach their ideal consumers more effectively.

Adapting to these trends is essential

These trends highlight a complex consumer landscape where values, experiences, and digital engagement play pivotal roles. It paints a picture of a consumer base that is increasingly diverse, value-driven, and conscious of its impact on the world. Businesses that adapt to these evolving preferences will find themselves better positioned to meet the needs of the modern consumer.

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