Kim Jong-un in Russia: what are the themes of the dialogues with Putin

Elizabeth Smith

Kim Jong-un’s special armored train entered Russia for talks with President Putin. This was reported by Russian state media. Russia’s state news agency RIA reported that the train was headed north from the Primorskiy region in the Russian Far East.

The South Korean Defense Ministry said the North Korean leader entered Russia on September 12. Let’s see all the details and schedules of the meetings.

Kim Jong-un in Russia, there is official confirmation

A video shared yesterday by Russia Today and taken by CNN showed the train that would carry Kim Jong-un near the Russian-North Korean border near the Tumen River. The U.S. government said last week that the planned meeting in the Russian Far East could be part of Moscow’s efforts to find new arms suppliers for its war against Ukraine.

President Putin will visit the Vostochny Cosmodrome. The announcement was made by the Russian president himself at the Vladivostok Economic Forum. Putin did not say whether there will be a meeting with President Kim. Who is expected to stop at the spaceport located about 1,500 kilometers north of Vladivostok.

When the Kremlin leader was asked about this, he was content to say that he had his own plans to visit the spaceport.

Kim Jong-un’s route

With the possibility of the Vostochny cosmodrome becoming increasingly certain, the armored train reached the Russian city of Hasan this morning and then headed north.

Russian media outlet Vesti Primorye reported that the convoy, after Hasan, headed toward Ussuriysk and is now in the Primorskiy region. The BBC also reported that the train did not head toward Vladivostok on the coast after arriving at the border this morning, but continued north.

Kim Jong-un’s train had already passed through Ussuriysk when Putin confirmed that he would personally visit the Vladivostok space facility.

Sensitive issues and talking points

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Putin and President Kim will discuss bilateral cooperation in various fields and “sensitive” issues. Thus adding that Putin is ready to talk about UN sanctions against Pyongyang.

Regarding Washington’s warning about North Korea’s arms sales to Russia, Peskov said Moscow and Pyongyang will “act in their own interests.”

Among other things, they will discuss issues of bilateral relations, cooperation, trade and economic relations, and cultural exchanges. There will be an intensive exchange of views on regional and international issues in general.

“This is in the interest of both Putin and the host Pyongyang,” Peskov told TASS regarding tomorrow’s Putin-Kim talks. The spokesman continued: “Of course, as two neighboring countries, we operate in some sensitive areas that we cannot or do not want to make public.” The spokesman continued: “If necessary, Russia is ready to discuss UN Security Council sanctions against North Korea.”

Spokesman Peskov said he was not interested in Washington’s comments on the White House’s warning against North Korea’s arms sales to Russia. “We are acting in the interests of both countries,” he said.

During the 8th Eastern Economic Forum (Eef), President Putin said that weapons with new technologies will ensure security from a historical perspective. President Putin added that “we understand well and are working” on the prospects made possible by the new weapons.

According to TASS, the development of weapons based on new physical principles involves the use of new technologies and principles of action. Such weapons include lasers, ultrasound, radio frequency and other weapons.

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