In Dubai the final appointment of the Le Fonti Awards 2023

Elizabeth Smith

The last appointment of the Le Fonti Global Awards 2023 took place on December 14 in Dubai, the vibrant economic capital of the United Arab Emirates and the entire Gulf region.

The Le Fonti Awards – unique itinerant events that touch the most important international financial and business centers – from Milan to New York, from London to Singapore, to Hong Kong – represent one of the most distinguished recognition of business excellence from one side of the globe to the other. Precisely the city of Dubai inaugurated the 2023 edition of the Le Fonti Awards format last February.

In the splendid setting of the Palace Downtown, the highly anticipated event saw major companies, international corporations, and professionals who have distinguished themselves over the past year for their high levels of excellence, leadership and innovation take the stage and receive the prestigious award.

The companies honored last night at Palace Downtown included Scardeoni & Coviello – Advisory Firm, TH Group Joint Stock Company, Global Islamic Financial Services – GIFS, Dar Al Shifa Hospital and Hirschtec.

As in February, the ceremony was hosted by TV presenter Rania Ali, garnering great appreciation and crowning a year of events that shone a spotlight on excellence in the areas of innovation and leadership, with an eye always on sustainability. The appointment is now for 2024, with the new Italian and international calendar of the Le Fonti Awards.

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