Smart Home: the unstoppable growth of a constantly evolving sector

Elizabeth Smith

Thanks to new technologies, smart quality and efficiency can also be applied to homes, if adequately wired, and can open the doors to the wonderful world of home automation, which represents an important point of reference for choosing the best appliances and smart devices.

What is home automation

The word “domotics”, or home automation, has linguistic roots deriving from Latin and Greek. The union of the Latin word “domus” and the Greek term “ticos”, as a whole, indicates a science that deals with the “study of technologies capable of improving the quality of life inside a home” or a building.

Applying home automation technology to the environments in which we live allows us to obtain a strong increase in the performance offered by the various systems present in the home, optimizing consumption.

With the integration of multiple functions, which can also be controlled remotely, it is possible to obtain control, comfort, safety, energy saving and ease of communication.

Surround yourself with useful technologies to improve the quality of life

The growth of this sector is dizzying, because it offers enormous benefits that find wide consensus among the new generations and beyond. Managing smart devices connected to each other offers countless advantages to users who choose home automation.

With the use of this technology, it is possible to forget forever traditional systems that make use of manual switches, knobs and regulators that are unable to interact with each other. In fact, traditional systems are not governed by a single management that coordinates them and this makes them isolated and ends in themselves.

Applying home automation to your home is very fascinating and gives you the opportunity to look into a world of enormous possibilities, ranging from usual domestic environments to organized structures. Among the latter we also have facilities for the care of disabled or elderly people.

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Home automation is also assistance

Home automation applied to the healthcare sector has seen enormous development, which goes hand in hand with the introduction of increasingly modern and high-performance technologies.

In recent years, thanks to an increasingly wider range of customizable automations, home automation has managed to support both the disabled and the elderly, helping them to carry out even complex actions independently.

The advantages of living in a “smart” environment go far beyond the benefits offered by a traditional system. With the use of home automation, we are talking about exceptional automatisms. Turning on lights, opening doors and windows, managing air conditioning, managing household appliances, communication and security systems.

All systems interact with each other, communicating both within an environment and externally and can also be controlled remotely, via smartphone, tablet or PC. This synergistic technology is able to increase comfort, energy saving and safety.

Continuously updated solutions

All the solutions offered by home automation are constantly evolving, thanks to the possibility of updating over time so as to be able to satisfy all new needs.

For this purpose, there are specific centralized management software which, through a single system, are able to program and coordinate all the automations already present in the home or in addition, all those that you wish to introduce. Let us therefore rely on home automation, to have full control of every environment and its devices, and thus improve the quality of life.

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