Google I/O 2024: here are all the news announced at the event

There are many new features presented at Google I/O 2024. Here are the most interesting ones, and AI is the absolute protagonist.
Google IO 2024 news

The most anticipated event of the year for the Mountain View giant took place: Google I/O 2024. Here are all the news announced at the conference and what you can expect in the near future.

The news announced at Google I/O 2024

There was a lot of anticipation to find out what Google could present at the conference, and the premises were kept. The event is dedicated to developers, but attracts many curious people and lovers of the world of technology.

As expected, there was a lot of talk about artificial intelligence and how it could enter even more into Big G’s products. Thus, from its integration into the search engine to its new variations, it was certainly the undisputed protagonist of the day.

The expansion of artificial intelligence continues

CEO Sundar Pichai, at the opening of the conference, announced that the expansion of artificial intelligence, which has lasted for more than ten years, continues.

The first innovation presented is the AI ​​Overview, the new function through which users will obtain articulated answers from the AI, generated starting from even complex questions.

Pichai said: “I am thrilled to announce that this week we will begin rolling out this completely revamped experience.” Then he added: “Google is in the midst of the Gemini era, a frontier model designed to be multimodal from the beginning.”

How does this platform work? Through algorithms, it organizes responses quickly and comprehensively, offering users simple access to the information of interest.

New arrivals on the Google tech scene

It doesn’t end there, at the top of Google’s revolution is AI Overview, a feature designed to display AI-generated answers for most queries at the top of search results.

It was introduced last year and is now available in the United States, and will be made accessible in many other countries by the end of the year. Finally, Google announced the arrival of Trillium, the sixth generation of processors designed as a cloud accelerator with artificial intelligence capabilities.

A new processor that promises to improve performance and efficiency in processing computationally intensive workloads, and which enables faster and more advanced data processing.

Finally, we conclude with two other very interesting innovations also linked to AI. The first is Veo, which promises to challenge OpenAI’s Sora, in fact, it allows you to generate high-quality videos starting from simple text prompts. The second is Imagen 3, which generates images starting from the text.

Also interesting is the update to Google Photos, which thanks to the “Ask” function will speed up the search for photos using a voice command, through which the user can make the request.

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Google IO 2024 news

Google I/O 2024: here are all the news announced at the event


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