Financial freedom: 5 concepts to develop to achieve it

We have noticed, during our journey and by knowing people who have already achieved financial freedom, that there are common concepts that a person should work on in order to achieve the correct mindset.
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In general, there are no shortcuts to achieving financial freedom. It’s a concept that is already known. Despite this, it is still very difficult for many people to free themselves from the idea that there are stratagems, simple or quick methods to achieve it.

Maybe, because people online do nothing but say things like that. It’s enough to be motivated, to start that particular business in that particular sector. That you can become a millionaire in a few months.

They are all concepts that easily attract attention, but not entirely correct, which create a wrong idea of the work that a person intending to achieve financial freedom should do, or in any case expect.

The truth is that financial freedom is achieved not only thanks to starting a particular business or thanks to an intelligently made investment, but also, or rather above all, thanks to targeted work done on oneself. Thanks to the right balance between study, planning, action and management.

The 5 concepts to develop to achieve financial freedom

We have noticed, during our journey and by knowing people who have already achieved financial freedom, that there are common concepts that a person should work on in order to achieve the correct mindset.


Curiosity is what pushes us beyond our boundaries. You can never achieve financial freedom if you don’t feel pushed towards the new.

Curiosity can be considered as a great engine that can take you far. Very simply, for example, one day you might talk to a new person and perhaps hear a term or concept for the first time. If you are a curious person, you will later do some research, which could open doors to new opportunities, new sectors, new skills.

And in the world of entrepreneurship, as in that of investments, the more skills and abilities you have, the better. Not just professional skills, but of all kinds, because in reality no one knows what the future holds for us, and you will never know when that specific skill will be useful to you.

Your starting situation

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a dreamer and a deluded person?

Both want to be in a situation different from their present situation, but unlike the deluded person, who does nothing or builds on unreal foundations, the dreamer remains, paradoxically, a realist.

To be able to achieve your dreams, your goals, you need to be realistic and concrete, right from the start.

From the beginning you need to be clear about your starting point, try to understand what you have available, how much capital, what technical, personal and social skills you have. Be able to perform honest self-analysis.

Only in this way will you be able to trace the fastest and most suitable path for yourself to achieve your goals.

Clear objectives

Having your starting point clearly is very important, and it is equally important, in order to chart the best path to follow, to also have your objectives and destination very clear.

This is a concept that you will often find in the world of entrepreneurship and investing, because it is truly fundamental in numerous aspects.

An objective must be SMART, that is:

  • Specific: The more detailed the better;
  • Measurable: That is, quantifiable both in terms of cost, time and energy;
  • Actionable: Each goal must have a detailed plan to achieve it, based on your starting point;
  • Realistic: Both the goal and the plan to achieve it;
  • Timed: It must have well-defined and clear deadlines.

There are many ways to define your goals well. What we recommend is to take time to understand yourself and what you want. Once you understand your desires, then work on the points mentioned to transform them from desires to SMART goals.

A multi-strategic plan

It can happen, when you are in the car and you set the navigator, that it suggests a different route than usual. It happens when perhaps there is a lot of traffic, some work in progress or some accidents. Some unexpected events. In this case the navigator will offer you an alternative route, but always the best in that situation.

The same thing could happen during your journey. You will never, by definition, be able to anticipate unexpected events. Therefore it is good to always be able to prepare one, or more, backup plans. Being able to not lose control and sometimes even knowing how to improvise.

Surround yourself with the right people

Going back to the first concept, it is much easier to be intrigued by topics that could prove very useful for your path, if you hang out with people of a certain gender.

People with whom we can one day start a collaboration. People in jargon called “empowerers”, that is, capable of contributing to your personal and financial growth.

Usually this topic is always taken very extreme, inviting people to isolate themselves or exclude from their lives, people who perhaps at that moment are not in line with the same thoughts. This also leads to denying the possibility of introducing into one’s circle of acquaintances people who apparently do not seem empowering, a priori, that is, even before knowing them.

And this could actually prove counterproductive, because, as we said previously, you will never know what the future holds for you.

Naturally these 5 concepts are not characteristics that can be developed in a day or in a short time. You will need to have patience and work constantly on it. It won’t be an easy journey. And there will be lessons that can only be learned by failing, which can be very scary. But it will be worth it.

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