EXCEN rewrites the rules of the occupational safety and prevention sector

The Italian company confirms its position as a world leader in the development and transformation of machinery for areas with a risk of explosion. And not only.
EXCEN rewrites the rules of the occupational safety and prevention sector

Don’t compromise: these are the words that best describe the approach of EXCEN s.r.l., a leading company in the creation and transformation of machinery, components and apparatus designed to be used in contexts regulated by the ATEX directives, i.e. susceptible to explosion risks. An industrial reality that has made safety its primary mission, a company that, thanks to the best solutions on the subject and the constant search for technological innovation, which most of all protects workers in potentially dangerous circumstances, aims to change many global production sectors, with a view to safeguarding the individual and the community.

On the strength of a long entrepreneurial tradition, which began in 1948 with the first explosion-proof systems built in Italy, today EXCEN represents an important reference point in the field of prevention and safety. “Chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, energy, off-shore, tunnel construction and mining industries: the versatility of our solutions allows us to be present in a variety of production contexts,” explains Antonio Pacetti, President of EXCEN. “Our direct customers are some of the largest manufacturers and dealers of machinery, electrical equipment and internal combustion engines, major players and technical partners who rely on us to develop customised equipment that can enable them to explore new market segments. We, for our part, provide them with the quality and support they need to achieve the highest safety standards. In fact, what we accept is a double challenge: to ensure that the machines and equipment we transform remain safe in their use, as designed by the manufacturer, and that they are safe when used in locations with explosion hazards. This is why, thanks to a set of processes aimed at carefully assessing each risk and making the most appropriate and responsible technical choices, we like to say that we at EXCEN produce safety, for our customers and end users, in all its countless facets”.

Main activities include ATEX executions, accepted in Europe, and IECEx executions, accepted in the rest of the world, for industrial trucks, lifting platforms, diesel engines for fire pumps, transfer pumps, gensets and compressors, prepared for assembly in open frames, soundproof and helicopter cabins, and, finally, electrical equipment and components for machines or fixed installations subject to aggressive atmospheric agents, such as on offshore platforms, in mines or in chemical-pharmaceutical plants. The tailor-made products cover an extremely wide range of applications and meet the specific needs of each customer according to the context in which it operates. “With six thousand square metres of facilities, almost a hundred employees, a gradually increasing production capacity, around 650 customers in 60 countries, and a constantly growing turnover, we believe that we play a significant role not only in the current production context but also with regard to the future of safety at work,” Pacetti says. “Our daily objective is to best interpret a world characterised by high technological dynamism, contributing to writing new sector standards through innovation and assessment of future needs. This is why it is essential for us at EXCEN to invest in research and development, relying on a team of designers, production and quality control staff, technical assistants, sales and after-sales managers who are able to constantly dialogue with each other and with customers. At the same time, we also focus on training new professionals by regularly organising training and refresher courses for technicians involved in the maintenance of ATEX and IECEx machines, motors and equipment. Our trainers are all certified by international bodies and third-party organisations according to the strictest protocols, as Ism-ATEX Trainers and IECEx Competent Personnel. In order to provide the best technical and commercial support to end users, EXCEN organises specific courses for its partners’ sales personnel. The aim is to accompany our customers in making more responsible decisions and choosing the most appropriate solutions.

Recent challenges include the solutions developed for the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company’s Umm Lulu offshore platform and the development of the first ATEX electric crawler forklift for an offshore platform in the North Sea.

All in all, EXCEN is an international leader in the field of safety and innovation. A company that, with the quality of its products, supported by efficient after-sales services, certifications attesting to its high technical standards, and constant research and development, has managed to be present almost all over the world, with a foreign turnover of around 90 per cent. ‘In addition to the solutions that make up our core business,’ concludes the President, ‘in the coming years we will be implementing other production segments, such as energy production, solar systems and self-driving cars. The important results achieved so far only give us confidence and new impetus for the future’.


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