Esplora puts human value at the heart of the trade fair set-up sector

Attention to the customer and care for the well-being of employees: the company Esplora is an example of inclusiveness and confrontation.

Attention to the customer and care for the well-being of employees: the Emilian company is an example of inclusiveness and confrontation.

There are some sectors that, as is well known, have suffered more than others from the imposition of the anti-Covid measures in 2020-2021. The world of trade fair setups, for example, struggled to find solutions to survive what turned out to be the worst global crisis of our times.

This is not the case for Esplora, a young company from Reggio Emilia which has certainly encountered some difficulties, but has managed to find a way to restart without any particular delay, driven by the incredible driving force of the human value of its team. A team that in the recent years has been enriched by a strong female presence, an element that has profoundly characterised its success, as the Managing Director Massimo Pederzoli does not hesitate to declare. ‘These have been difficult years, in which we had to question the very nature of our business’, declares the CEO. ‘After a year and a half of total immobility, maintaining lucidity was crucial, as was getting back on the right track. The customer focus and efficiency that have always been our hallmarks could not be compromised, so we introduced several women to fill a variety of pivotal roles which enabled to overcome the difficulties and achieve our goals. In just a few years, we have grown from 4 to 17 employees, plus a substantial dose of external collaborators: a growth that is still ongoing.’

A healthy working environment, an inclusive and attentive space to the needs of each employee, a company that promote internal confrontation between genders and generations: Esplora is the perfect example of how crises are overcome by putting people at the center. ‘Managing customers and handling very large workloads requires continuous confrontation between team members,’ explains Monica Di Luzio, Head of Logistics and Purchasing.

‘Esplora promotes a continuous exchange between people with different experience and degree of training, it gives young people the chance to grow and those who are no longer very young the chance to get involved. But most importantly, it allows us mothers to better manage our needs, which, unfortunately, is not taken for granted nowadays.’

A collaborative spirit that aims to create a family environment that will last. As a well-established company in the trade fair set-up sector, where innovation merges with creativity and the idea becomes tangible reality by interpreting the reality around us, Esplora has been able to throw its heart over the obstacle, consolidating synergies, both internal and external, and transforming the work task into an opportunity for confrontation and continuous growth. ‘Ours is a sector that has undergone profound changes in recent years’, Pederzoli concludes. ‘With Esplora we decided to propose a new business model, still very efficient but more attractive to new employees. We have redesigned this profession so that workloads are distributed within the team without burdening individual employees. We have reorganised our effort so that it is the result of a perfect mix between the needs of our customers and those of our employees. The important thing is that at the heart of the company, of Esplora, are the people and the human value that only they can bring. Always”.

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