Emirates reinvents the concept of adv between experience and technology

Emirates has opened ‘Emirates World,’ its new technological travel agency. Located in downtown Jumeirah, the airline’s agency, which has been completely redesigned for a true ‘experience,’ is an open and fluid space where customers can shop for all their travel needs in a lounge-like environment. While also offering customers the chance to literally immerse themselves in Emirates’ exclusive products via VR/AR technologies.

What is Emirates World

Emirates World was inaugurated with a special ribbon-cutting ceremony by Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, chairman and CEO of Emirates Airline & Group.

The new Emirates World store features an open, free-flowing floor plan that allows customers to move around with ease and immerse themselves in the interactive experiences on offer. Clear, modern furniture is scattered throughout the store, and generous touches of greenery add to the relaxing environment.

Emirates travel consultants will be on hand to provide personalized advice for customers’ end-to-end travel needs, without the need to take multiple tokens. Team sizes have also been doubled at the Emirates World Store to ensure quick responses and shorter wait times.

Customers will be able to take advantage of smart technology such as self-service screens that reduce wait times and enable faster service.

The new Premium Economy class seat area

The centerpiece of the ‘Emirates World’ experience is the airline’s Premium Economy class seat area. Customers can relax, lie back and experience Premium Economy. So they know what to expect when they travel in this highly sought-after class.

Thanks to the interactive screen made with state-of-the-art technology, customers who prefer a virtual experience can take selfies against a selection of Emirates backgrounds, including the lounge on board the A380 and private first class suites.

Customers can also experience onboard cabins through virtual reality, which offers accurate, life-size details as you immerse yourself in your surroundings. LED screens line several areas of Emirates World, displaying the latest Emirates products and promotional offers.

The new travel agency models will be determined by the needs of customers in each market, including strategic positioning, venue attendance, and evolving traveler trends.

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