Discovering the Mukaab Cube skyscraper: an avant-garde project with a futuristic imprint

Did you know that there is a futuristic project behind the Mukaab cube skyscraper? Let's discover this project involving the construction of a huge cube!
mukaab cube skyscraper

The cube-shaped skyscraper project called The Mukaab is causing a lot of talk. It is an avant-garde project with a futuristic imprint. It will be built in the centre of Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia and also its largest city.

The project was presented by the heir to the throne Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Who illustrated it with a futuristic video and a well-organised rendering. Let’s find out all about this project projected into the future.

What is the Makaab

The Mukaab is a gigantic cube that replicates the geometry of the Kaaba. The black structure at the centre of Mecca, around which Muslims go on pilgrimage prostrate themselves. Not only that, the Makaab is also a kind of continuation of the city that the Saudis have been building for several years. It is called Neom and stands in the north of the country.

The aim is to make this city a real hub capable of attracting international interest. The city lies on a long strip from the sea to the desert and nine million people can reside there.

Unfortunately, however, the land was expropriated and this caused fights with the Bedouins, who did not want to leave the territories. Resistance continues to this day, and it appears that 47 people belonging to the Howeitat tribe have been taken to prison.

What Mukaab will welcome

Since the presentation of the project launched by the heir to the Saudi Arabian throne, The Mukaab is an enormous cube skyscraper, which is to house residents, entertainment venues, museums and luxury hotels.

The son of the current King Salman, Mohammed bin Salman, who is also the first heir to succeed to the throne, presented the project on YouTube, complete with videos and renderings, offering users an immersive experience.

A gigantic cube skyscraper

The cube skyscraper will be built in Riyadh’s new city centre and will measure 400 metres in height, width and depth. The immense and majestic building will be able to accommodate thousands of people. As well as museums, luxurious hotels, and a variety of venues.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman emphasised that this skyscraper symbolises the new vision of what Saudi Arabia will be in the future.

Apparently, the spot where the centre of Riyadh will be built is between King Khalid Street and King Salman. This is a 19-square-kilometre area in the north-west of the city.

The surface area on which the project will be developed is no less than 25 million square metres. On which more than 104,000 dwellings, retail space on 980,000 square metres, and 9,000 hotel rooms will be built.

In addition, office space will be spread over 1.4 million square metres. While leisure activities will be spread over 620,000 square metres. Community facilities will be allocated 1.8 million square metres.

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