Discover the 12 most multicultural countries in the world

Oluwatosin Jegede

Multiculturalism means having many cultures in one place. It’s when people from different backgrounds live together in one country. This is important today.

Why? Multicultural countries with different cultures bring new ideas and ways of doing things. They teach us more about the world.

They make our societies richer and more colorful. Living in a multicultural society helps us understand and respect each other better.

The most multicultural countries today

1. Australia

Australia is a land of many faces and one of the most multicultural countries in the world today. First, there were the Indigenous peoples, the original owners of the land. Then, ships brought settlers from Europe. As years passed, Australia opened its doors wider.

People from Asia, Africa, and the Middle East started arriving. Now, walk around in cities like Sydney or Melbourne. You’ll hear different languages. You’ll smell different foods. Shops sell goods from all over the world. Festivals fill the streets with music and dance from many countries.

Australia has become a unique blend of cultures, each adding to its beauty.

2. Canada

Canada is like a big, welcoming house. The First Nations people were its first inhabitants. Then, the English and French came, each leaving their mark. But Canada didn’t stop there. It said “welcome” to people from Asia, Africa, Europe, and more.

Places like Toronto and Vancouver became colorful mosaics of cultures. You can taste foods from around the world in just one city block. There are celebrations almost every month for different cultural holidays. In Canada, diversity isn’t just accepted; it’s celebrated.

3. India

India is like a big family with many members. First, there were ancient tribes and kingdoms. They built great cities and temples. Over time, traders, rulers, and travelers came.

They brought new beliefs, foods, and arts. Today, India is a mix of languages, religions, and traditions. Walk in a city like Mumbai or Delhi. You’ll hear music from different states. You’ll see clothes of many colors. Food stalls offer tastes from all over India. Each part of India adds its own flavor to the whole, making it one of the most multicultural countries in 2023.

4. United States of America

The USA is a big country with lots of people. It started with Native Americans. Then, explorers and settlers came. They were from Europe, Africa, and many other places.

Today, you can find almost every culture in the USA. Cities like New York and Los Angeles are full of different foods, music, and stories. The USA is like a giant puzzle, and each culture is a piece that makes it whole.

5. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom, or UK, has a long history. It’s made up of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. First, there were ancient tribes. Then came Romans, Vikings, and Normans. Over time, the UK became a global empire. It connected with many countries.

Today, London and other cities are very diverse. People from the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, and more call the UK home. They bring their food, music, and stories. The UK is a place where old traditions meet new cultures.

6. Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea, often just called PNG, is truly unique. It’s one of the most diverse places on Earth. Why? Because it has over 800 languages! Each tribe and village has its own way of life.

They have their dances, songs, and traditions. Though it’s a small country, its cultural richness is big. People in PNG respect their roots. At the same time, they welcome change and new ideas. PNG is a beautiful blend of old and new.

7. New Zealand

New Zealand has a special story. The Maori people were there first. Then came settlers from Europe. Both cultures learned from each other.

Today, New Zealand respects its Maori roots. The Haka dance and Maori tattoos are famous worldwide. But there’s more. People from Asia and the Pacific also live there. They all add to New Zealand’s rich blend of life.

8. Indonesia

Indonesia is made up of thousands of islands. Each island has its own tale. There are many tribes, languages, and customs. Yet, they all are proudly Indonesian.

Dance, music, and art are important here. Bali’s temples and Java’s puppet shows tell ancient stories. But Indonesia also welcomes the new. It’s a country where tradition and today live side by side.

9. Philippines

The Philippines is like a song with many verses. First, there were native tribes. Then came traders, Spaniards, and Americans. Each brought something new.

Now, the Philippines is a blend of cultures. Festivals are colorful and loud. Food is a mix of tastes from land and sea. The Filipino spirit is warm and welcoming. It embraces both its history and its future.

10. France

France is known for its beauty and art. It has old cities and a rich history. But France is also a meeting place of cultures. Long ago, Romans and Celts lived there.

Over time, people from Africa, Asia, and the Middle East came. They brought their food, music, and traditions. Now, Paris and other cities shine with diversity. In France, old-world charm meets new-world energy.

11. Switzerland

Switzerland sits in the heart of Europe. It’s a land of mountains and lakes. But it’s not just about nature. People speak German, French, Italian, and Romansh here.

That’s four languages in one country. Each region has its own flavor. Switzerland is like a quilt, with each patch telling a different story. It’s a place where differences come together in harmony.

12. South Africa

South Africa is often called the “Rainbow Nation“. Why? Because it has so many cultures in one place. The Zulu, Xhosa, and many others have lived there for ages. Then came the Europeans and Asians. They all added to the country’s rich history.

Cities like Cape Town and Johannesburg are alive with colors, sounds, and tastes from around the world. South Africa is a place where every culture shines bright.

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