Digital fluency, why it is important to improve it

A Comprehensive Guide to Digital Fluency" equips readers with essential digital skills, fostering adaptability in today's technology-driven world. Explore topics from basic proficiency to advanced proficiency
digital fluency

The level of competition in the job market is skyrocketing with time. According to a report published by the National Skill Coalition (NSC), more than 90 per cent of jobs require digital skills. A high-paying company will look for an employee with digital fluency as a skill.

More than competency, it also contributes to achieving a desired job with a satisfactory salary. If you apply for a job requiring only one digit skill, you can manage to earn 23 per cent more than a job requiring no skill. 

What is digital fluency?

Digital fluency promises more than the fact of knowing the use of digital tools. It provides the ability to navigate, understand and effectively apply the knowledge of digital technology. The usage of digital fluency has applications in various aspects of life. 

Digital fluency isn’t just about being digitally literate. It’s about going beyond that and getting a real handle on technology. The ability to understand the technology which allows us to switch between platforms. It’s like the old saying goes, ‘Don’t just know the tools; know how to pick the right one from the toolbox.’ 

It requires such analytical knowledge about technology that we can figure out the best-required tech from the pool of tools. In more detail, you must have the ability to use the knowledge of one tech platform to another and interchange in between. 

In the ever-evolving landscape of the modern workforce, digital fluency stands as a cornerstone of success. It’s not merely a desirable skill; it’s an absolute necessity in the rapid, dynamic world of today’s workplaces.

Why does the workplace need digital fluency?

Companies are ever vigilant in the fierce business arena, recognising that they must keep their rivals at bay to stay ahead. These companies hire employees and create a workforce that is well-versed in digital tools and technologies. 

The evolution of technology is riding on a slope- rapidly moving at an uncontrollable speed. Swift and constant transformations mark the business landscape. This will keep the company updated in the tech point of view, plus it can result in heightened levels of innovation. 

  • Efficiency: Digital fluency leads to increased efficiency. Employees who are proficient with digital tools can perform tasks faster and with greater accuracy;

  • Innovation: Digital fluency fosters innovation. It enables employees to explore new technologies, identify opportunities for improvement, and develop creative solutions;

  • Competitive advantage: In a digital economy, organisations that prioritise digital fluency gain a competitive edge. They adapt more quickly to market changes and can better meet customer needs;

  • Global collaboration: With the rise of remote work and global teams, digital fluency facilitates seamless communication and collaboration across geographical boundaries.

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What are the key components of digital fluency? 

In the realm of Digital Fluency, a multifaceted tapestry of proficiencies intertwines. These facets, the core of digital fluency, serve as the compass to navigate the digital landscape while upholding fixed ethical standards.

Mastery of the technological landscape is an imperative precondition to unlocking the countless paths of knowledge application. This involves a continuous journey of learning, skill refinement, and a keen understanding of fundamental concepts.

Now, let’s dissect the elemental constituents of digital fluency through with some practical examples:

  • Digital literacy: It signifies the skill to manipulate a digital tool, underpinned by both theoretical knowledge and pragmatic skill. This proficiency empowers individuals to access, scrutinise, and fabricate information deploying digital instruments and technologies;

  • Information literacy: The art of uncovering and finding pertinent information or data assumes paramount significance. This skill finds utility in scrutinising information and employing it judiciously and virtuously. Here, the emphasis lies in the deft handling of information with efficiency;

  • Technology proficiency:  It emphasises the faculty wherein an individual possesses the finesse to flourish technology as an instrument, harnessing its power to overcome difficult situations and attain specific objectives;

  • Critical thinking and problem-solving: The ability to analyse information, evaluate options, and make informed decisions.

How can you develop or improve digital fluency? 

The augmentation of digital proficiency is a protracted undertaking, far from a mere dalliance. It necessitates an unswerving commitment to core knowledge and an insatiable hunger for diversification in utility. 

Commence by undertaking an introspective evaluation of your extant digital prowess. Numerous online assessments and quizzes are available to help you identify areas for improvement.

Merely acquainting yourself with the desired tools and technological learning does not suffice. One must chart a course toward enhancement. In the inaugural stride, set feasible objectives for elevating digital fluency. Precisely set out specific, custom-tailored objectives in harmony with your individual necessities and career aspirations.

In the subsequent phase, start on a journey of learning through enrollment in online courses that espouse the latest technological advancements. As the denouement nears, you must subject your proficiencies to real-world trials. True mastery blossoms through practical application. Confront real-world conundrums or projects head-on, harnessing your digital skills to surmount them.

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