Where healthcare meets innovation: the Dar Al Shifa Hospital in Kuwait

Elizabeth Smith

Today, Dar Al Shifa Hospital is a 220-bed multispecialty hospital in Kuwait spread across 43000 sq.m and also one of the largest private hospitals. Its subsidiaries include the Medical center, Dental Center, Home Care, Training center, and a Consultancy arm. Dar Al Shifa Hospital’s growth across the last decade (2013-2023) is around 106%.

Dar Al Shifa Hospital holds the highest market share among private hospitals (20%), indicating that Dar Al Shifa is the hospital of choice among nationals and expatriates.

Dar Al Shifa Hospital is led by a team of 14 executives, seven males and seven females, represented from 5 different nationalities. Also, it is an employee-friendly organization comprising 2000 employees from 44 nationalities. 23% of the employees continued their tenure for more than ten years with the organization.

Dar Al Shifa Hospital paved the way for excellence by being Kuwait’s first hospital to attain accreditation or affiliations with various international organizations, which was evidenced by being the first in Kuwait to sign an agreement with Accreditation Canada in 2006 and sustainably attain Diamond-level certification for three consecutive years. First private hospital with a full-fledged Electronic Health Record with device integration in Kuwait and attain HIMSS level 7 accreditation in 2022 in Kuwait. Second to attain the People-centered Commitment Award in the region in 2022. Dar Al Shifa Hospital has an active membership with Ethical Principles in Healthcare.

In addition, continuously strived to attain and sustain many other international affiliations, certifications, and collaborations such as ACR (2010), ISO 22000(2011), ISO 9001(2018 ), DIAM(2019), SRC Orthopedics (2020), ASSP HSE GCC Awards for Facility Maintenance, Covid 19 initiatives and Risk Management (2021/ 2022/2023).

Dar Al Shifa Hospital upholds high social value and takes its corporate social responsibility very seriously and organizes more than 40 programs annually including several community outreach programs, including School health programs, Breast cancer and prostate screening, and Diabetes Awareness, apart from dedicated efforts to serve the Special Needs population. Dar Al Shifa Hospital runs a community screening program named RADAR, and the program focuses on screening its population for Breast, Colon, Prostate, and Cervical Cancer.

Dar Al Shifa Hospital also hosts several International conferences yearly and admits participants freely, thus contributing to the scientific community. Dar Al Shifa Hospital ensures an inclusive, non-discriminative, approach and dedicates resources and encourages employees to be part of its unique Fitlife program, a wellness activity comprising daily activity, regular challenges, and group Walkathons with 30% of staff enrollment.

Beyond healthcare, Dar Al Shifa Hospital is dedicated to community well-being through health awareness programs, screenings, and initiatives that contribute to a healthier Kuwait. Was also the first hospital to publish a sustainability report by adopting UN development goals.

In a nutshell, Dar Al Shifa Hospital strives to uphold its Vision “To be the most trusted regional healthcare partner and the destination of choice for talents across the globe” and build on its values of “WE CARE – Welcoming, Ethics, Compassion, Advocacy, Responsibility, and Excellence’’.

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