Crypto winter, what to do? 3 opportunities for Web3 investors

We have an opportunity not seen in many years, and the still bearish cryptocurrency market may be hiding more than good news.
crypto winter

There are different ways to approach a bearish market and it all depends on your needs and characteristics as a Web3 user. We can’t deny that the crypto winter period that has seen cryptocurrencies take centre stage in 2022 provides little reason to be excited. But we do have some, three in particular.

Today, there is no point in feeling sorry for ourselves because there are bargains to be had, based not only on the crypto market history, but on the value that big brands, institutions and individuals are crediting to it.

Not everyone will agree, of course, but these are indisputable truths that a discerning eye cannot overlook. So let’s find out how to make this long bear market our friend, or at least try not to be swept along by its course.

Cryptocurrencies: disastrous 2022 crash

TerraUSD, Luna, Celsius, Three Arrows Capital, FTX, BlockFi, are just a few of the most eminent giants that have fallen in the crypto world this year alone. Many innovations have seen interest in cryptocurrencies skyrocket in 2021!

However, from the emergence of new crypto exchanges to the rise of NFTs to the emergence of crypto-lending and new integrations such as staking, 2021 had investors overly optimistic.

It was hoped for a great 2022 for the Web3, but this was not the case. Bitcoin made -61.94% to date and Ethereum -64.64%!

Other cryptocurrencies did even worse, but every cloud has a silver lining. The market crisis could become the joy of some knowledgeable players.

What to do with cryptocurrencies today?

In the world of finance, investment and speculation, the market is a constant up and down. ETFs, Equities, Commodities, Forex, all the markets and assets available to traders are constantly fluctuating.

Precisely because they have always been so, it is obvious that over the years techniques have matured that are capable of gaining (or defending oneself) even from a market that is in a long and steep downtrend. That of cryptocurrencies is no different.

Today we will in fact analyse 3 reasons why a cryptocurrency crash could turn out to be a good thing. In doing so, we will find opportunities that are too often underestimated.

Bitcoin predictions: 100K again?

Since the advent of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin has been the cornerstone of this industry. No matter how many digital currencies come out, the king of crypto is always the most popular.

Recall that in 2021, Bitcoin reached an absolute maximum value of €56,278.52. A prohibitive price for most of us, right?

Everyone complained about how expensive it was and how difficult it was to even think about participating in the Web3 digital revolution. This was because of the high cost of many assets.

With time, people began to hope that the price of Bitcoin would drop to provide a better buying opportunity.

Well what better time? Today 1 Bitcoin is worth €15,986.59! If we consider that there is still talk of BTC reaching 100K in the next year, we should welcome this opportunity.

Less volatile cryptocurrencies

Incredible price excursions have always characterised the crypto market. Many digital currencies are characterised by insane volatility!

Today, as the disappointment of many investors has brought down some of the accumulated interest, along with the number of digital wallets (down 28% this year), speculators may have a less chaotic environment to trade in.

Sudden price jumps seem to have decreased slightly in a period of low confidence. So speculators who want to take advantage of range trading, gaining from both the upside and the downside, will be able to do so more easily.

It may not be for everyone, it will require a somewhat more advanced knowledge of the subject. But even neophytes will be happy with this less volatile and bearish market.

More affordable cryptocurrency prices

Not letting our capital collapse just as it did for digital assets is a must.

Those who have no experience in the financial markets and are new to the crypto world will only benefit from this sustained market decline.

Firstly, you will be able to learn more about the subject, no sudden rise, no incredible missed opportunity.

And secondly, he will be able to create a portfolio of digital assets with less money, having to fund much less capital for the same amount of crypto.

A low price to buy at, trading less prone to ‘exaggerated’ price hikes and the king of cryptos with a very attractive value.

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