Millionaire by chance: mistakenly credits millions of dollars, here’s the story

Would you like to receive around 10 million USD from a cryptocurrency exchange? Well, this really happened to an Australian woman, but it was all a misunderstanding. Here is the incredible story.

Many of us will have imagined, or even hoped, sometimes to receive from some distant relative a sum of money capable of making the worries that grip us every day disappear. Well this news may seem incredible, but it really happened to someone.

No, it is not a movie or the script of a screenplay, much less the story told in a book, but a real case of wrong credit by a billionaire company against an ordinary person.

The strange case once again sees cryptocurrencies as protagonist and in particular an exchange already famous for various reasons:!

The famous giant engaged in the digital assets sector, official sponsor of the FIFA 2022 World Cup and known for other famous collaborations, seems to have made a considerable mistake, costing several million dollars.

The co-star of this story is an Australian woman named Thevamanogari Manivel. But let’s see in detail what happened., the “king of sponsors”

We are not talking about a little-known exchange, or the latest arrival in the crypto sector. is an established reality, an exchange that has millions of users and has been operating in the sector for years.

Among other things, it could not be otherwise, thanks to the partnerships with the UEFA Champions League or the FIFA World Cup that have flooded him with attention both from sports fans and from Web3 investors.

Defined by many as the “king of sponsors” for the amount of international collaborations, he never stops adding new digital assets to his lists, attracting more and more crypto traders. credits millions of dollars by mistake: the incredible story

What many dream of, a huge sum of money received as a gift. Unfortunately, our story didn’t really go that way, but here’s what happened.

The exchange accidentally transferred $ 10.5 million to Australian Thevamanogari Manivel while processing a $ 100 refund that didn’t exactly go through.

The company (also famous for paying Hollywood actor Matt Damon during the Super Bowl) discovered it had accidentally transferred the fortune to the Melbourne woman in December 2021, but only realized it seven months later.

What did Thevamanogari Manivel, the millionaire by mistake, do

What would you have done, receiving such a sum? Manivel may have been shocked by the USD 10.5 million credit, but she seems to have had time to act, choosing what to do and where to go.

About $ 430,000 was transferred to her daughter and a $ 1.35 million four-bedroom house in her sister’s name in Craigieburn, north of Melbourne. Her sister, Thilagavathy Gangadory, currently lives in Malaysia, among other things.

In addition, the accounts are compromised, some even blocked, but the women involved did not want to answer the questions or interviews. All that is known is related to the statements made following the lawsuit filed with the Melbourne court.

Where is my money? in court

Obviously, the lawsuit was not quickly resolved and the exchange has not yet received the millions sent by mistake to the Australian woman. has turned to the Supreme Court of Victoria to recover the huge sum of money and at the moment a ruling has been passed regarding the purchase of the house made by Thevamanogari Manivel.

Mavel’s sister, owner of the house, was ordered to return the amount spent on the house bought together with all the additional expenses due to the cryptocurrency exchange.

Today there is still no answer to the Australian court’s request, but it is obvious how the error will have to be resolved.

What does the Australian protagonist think?

Attempts to contact Gangadory and the orders sent were unsuccessful, as the sister of the protagonist of this story never replied to emails from lawyers. The only communication given to the court was an email response to Manivel’s lawyers, where she claimed to have received the message.

Manivel is obviously in trouble and her sister will need legal assistance, but things seem to be going on for a long time. The two women will have to be careful on how they proceed and, what is certain at the moment, is the need to repay the sum received in error and the interest of $ 27,369.64. has refused to comment on the case but new implications of this strange and almost ironic story are awaited.

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