China begins military maneuvers around Taiwan three days after pro-independence president Lai took office

China launched military maneuvers "around" Taiwan today. This, three days after new president Lai Ching-te (William Lai) took office on the island.
china military manoveurs around Taiwan

China launched military maneuvers “around” Taiwan today. This, three days after new president Lai Ching-te (William Lai) took office on the island. This was reported by China’s official Xinhua news agency.

China launches military maneuvers around Taiwan

Beijing has begun two days of exercises with Chinese navy ships and military aircraft “surrounding the island of Taiwan”, reports Xinhua.

“The Eastern Theater Command of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) began “such maneuvers” starting from 7:45 am today local time”, it is said. Thus specifying that the exercises called ‘Joint Sword-2024A’ are being conducted in Taiwan Strait and to the north, south and east of the island.

Xinhua reported that Chinese military spokesman Li Xi said the drills “will focus on joint air-sea combat readiness patrol. Jointly taking global control of the battlefield, and joint precision strikes on key targets.”

Li added that the exercises “involve patrolling of ships and aircraft approaching areas around the island of Taiwan. As well as integrated operations within and outside the island chain to test the real joint combat capabilities of Taiwan forces command”.

China claims Taiwan as part of its territory. And has branded Lai a “dangerous separatist” who will bring “war and decline” to the island.

Taipei’s reaction: “Irrational provocations”

Chinese authorities said today that military maneuvers launched around Taiwan constitute “severe punishment” against the island’s “independence” forces. This, three days after the new president William Lai took office.

Taipei, for its part, condemned the exercises, calling them “irrational provocations”. “It is regrettable to see China engage in unilateral and provocative military behavior that threatens Taiwan’s democracy and freedom. As well as regional peace and stability”, Taiwanese presidential spokeswoman Karen Kuo said in a statement.

“We will continue to defend democracy”

“In the face of external challenges and threats, we will continue to defend democracy,” the Taipei official stressed. “We have sent maritime, air and land forces to respond, to defend the freedom, democracy and sovereignty from the Republic of China,” Taipei later added in a statement.

“In collaboration with the Ministry of National Defense, we monitor movements in the surrounding maritime areas,” she said. “The Coast Guard will defend the sovereignty and security of the country with a firm attitude”, it is finally added.

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