Brazil elections, no end to protests by Bolsonaro supporters after Lula’s victory

Protests in Brazil by Bolsonaro's supporters continues after his defeat in the recent elections, causing damage to the country's economy.
protests brazil bolsonaro

Protests in Brazil by Bolsonaro’s supporters continues after his defeat in the recent elections, causing damage to the supply chain and economy.

The military police intervened in several states of the country. Sometimes, resorting to force with tear gas and pepper spray. But the blockade of roads and highways continued in the country’s main cities.

Since the day of the elections that sanctioned Lula’s return, fines amounting to EUR 3 million have been imposed. In the afternoon, serious accident with a car forcing a picket line mowing down demonstrators: eleven injured, including two children.

Protests in Brazil after Lula’s victory: the comment by ex-President Bolsonaro

“I am with you, I understand. I too am sad and upset. But I ask you to clear the highways. Remove the blockades, they are illegal and we, as we have always done, must act within the law, in line with the Constitution’.

With tens of thousands of people taking to the streets in Brazil’s main cities, Jair Bolsonaro decides to launch an appeal to those who continue to reject the outcome of the elections and loudly calls for the intervention of the military.

At 8 p.m., at the hour of maximum audience on social networks and on TV, the former captain appears in a recorded video in which he invites his supporters to interrupt the protests.

Brazil, Bolsonaro surrenders: ‘It’s over’. But the blockades in the streets remain

The military police intervened in several states of the country, but the number of blocked roads and highways has risen again. Organised groups have given new impetus to the frustrations of an extreme right wing that is not resigned to Lula’s victory.

The blockades have thus increased in number. According to the updated police bulletin, 150 were still standing in 17 states. The shortages ended up draining stocks of medicine, oxygen in hospitals, petrol and food in many regions. Especially, in the southeast where support for Bolsonaro is strongest, and thus also the lockout.

The police have imposed more than 2,000 fines that have risen, by order of the judiciary, to 100 thousand reais, about 20 thousand euros for each failure to remove the truck obstructing the road. An estimated 18 million reais, about 3 million euros, have been fined so far.

The protests damage the supply chain and the economy of Brazil

But it is the damage to the economy that alarms traders, logistics operators and industrialists themselves. The supply chain has been disrupted and this is starting to create serious supply problems.

The airports are still operational, but fuel for the planes is starting to run out and there are fears of a blockage of activity and connections, even partial, which would end up making the flow of take-offs and landings even more chaotic, which has already suffered numerous delays and cancellations.

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