Where do people live longer? The 5 “blue zone” places worldwide

Sushree Behera

Even though the modern world is technologically advanced, the lifespan, on average, has deteriorated by a significant margin as compared to ancient times. That’s why people staying in blue zone places are comparatively healthier with a longer lifespan guarantee. 

Chronic diseases have engulfed the modern population, and many people are dying of these diseases. Some do not have the money to cure themselves, and to a few others, medical facilities are a distant kite. However, blue zone places are the places with a lower rate of diseases and other life-risk problems. 

1. Sardina, Italy

Sardina is one of the best blue zone places in the world. The people of Sardina maintain a healthy lifestyle and are strict towards pollution. They maintain a decent diet routine that includes homegrown vegetables, oats, whole-grain bread, beans, fruits, mastic oil, etc. 

These foods contribute to the good health of the human heart, and that’s why the people of Sardina are not prone to cardiac arrests. They also involve themselves in physical activities like hunting, fishing, running and other athletics. They also use laughter as a source of healing medicine while enjoying sips of wine together. 

2. Nicoya, Costa Rica

People of Nicoya strongly believe in the phrase ‘pura vida‘. The phrase means ‘pure life’. This phrase is the ideal picture for the Nicoya residents to lead a healthy life. The local people always consume healthy foods as a part of their diet. They reject junk and spicy foods as much as they can. 

It is also a fact that the locals of Nicoya have strong family genes that form the base of their strength. Nicoya individuals have a habit of eating a light early-evening meal for some reason. Though they claim it’s a healthy practice. Nicoyan people eat mostly squash, corn and beans, which they call the Mesoamerican diet. 

3. Okinawa, Japan

Talking about blue zone places, it would be wrong to leave Japan behind. The people of Okinawa are amazingly motivated throughout the day unlike others. Their purpose, which they consider to be profound, drives them forward. They are workaholic people, and hence, their mental and physical bodies always stay active.

The people of Okinawa mostly prefer to feed on a plant-based diet, i.e. green vegetables and fruits. Spinach and beans are the favourites of the Okinawa people. In addition to a vegetarian diet, these people also actively participate in football and hockey tournaments to stay physically hydrated. This is the reason that chronic diseases don’t stick to them so easily.

4. Ikaria, Greece

It is an unbelievable fact that even in modern times, most people of Ikaria touch the 90-year age mark. This fact transparently shows how healthy these people are. People of Ikaria have a socializing nature that helps them avoid psychological stress and mental strain. Their Mediterranean diet helps them stay active and fit. 

5. Loma Linda, California

One of the most celebrated blue zone places in the world is Loma Linda. This is a town in California that is probably home to the longest-living population in the USA. Most of the members of Loma Linda belong to the Seventh Day Adventist Church and are known to be on the list of longest-living Americans. 

The people of Loma Linda have a unique reason for their long health. They state that their faith is the reason that keeps them alive for an extra decade compared to other people. Although no one knows the real logic behind it, everyone seems to believe it. 

These are four blue zone places in the world where people are less acquainted with diseases. People in these places celebrate a long life and a healthy one. The major credit for such a pure environment in these places goes to the citizens only. 

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