Creativity and digital world: the most famous digital artists worldwide

Digital artists and animators produce still and moving visuals for commercials, films, print, online, and television using software.
digital artists

As far back as the 1980s, digital artists have made their way into the limelight with Harold Cohen being the pioneer.

Digital artists and animators produce still and moving visuals for commercials, films, print, online, and television using software, models, photos, and drawings.

The idea of art is a global notion, and digital art makes it possible for many gifted artists to use a variety of canvases, tools, and media to convey their ideas; it has essentially become the major platform for some of the best.

With the introduction of cutting-edge technology like blockchain and ideas like NFTs, digital art continues to demonstrate its relevance and ability for self-reinvention.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best digital artists worldwide.

The 10 best digital artists in the world 

These are some of the most famous digital artist worldwide so far:

Yann Dalon

Yann Dalon is one of the best young digital artists to come out of Paris. His main objective is to give the illustration mobility and make his works of art as dynamic as possible. Yann actively employs rhythmic strokes and brilliant colors to accomplish his objective.

Yann combines traditional painting techniques (ink, watercolor, pen, acrylic, etc.) with digital artwork (Photoshop and graphic tablet tools) in his artwork.

Nik Ainley

Nik Ainley, a digital illustrator from the UK, is accustomed to working with well-known companies including Nike, Starbucks, and National Geographic. Ainley became interested in digital painting while studying physics. His paintings and visuals frequently draw inspiration from the field of science.

Alayna Danner

Alayna Danner (previously Alayna Lemmer) is a creator of digital art located in Seattle, Washington, she mostly creates imagery for video games, board games, and collectible card games (CCGs). 

Environments are my favorite subject to paint, she claims. “Even though I also enjoy illustrating objects and people, sketching cliffs and billowing clouds has an unusual quality. There is inspiration readily available to me because I am fortunate enough to reside in the Seattle region, which is bordered by stunning mountains and Puget Sound.

Brian Edward Miller

The Orlin Culture Shop (OCS for short), located in Erie, Colorado, is run by Brian Edward Miller, an artist and illustrator. According to Brian’s website, he strives to create high-quality illustrations that tell the tale while upholding the values his family has instilled in him regarding professionalism and commitment.

Brian’s Dribbble portfolio claims that his well-known digital work is widely acclaimed and well-represented by astonishing and distinctive posters, advertising graphics, and more.

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Romain Trystram

As a Freelance illustrator and art director Romain Trystram’s distinctive aesthetic bases itself on cyberpunk landscapes and a love of neon-lit urban architecture. However, don’t let yourself confine your understanding of Romain’s work to the Cyberpunk 207 aesthetic’s skyscrapers, as Romain always goes beyond any predetermined design. 

Because of his skillful use of gradients and 1980s futurist elements, Romain’s artworks straddle the recognizable retro and ultra-modern aesthetic idioms.

Jason Naylor

Bright hues contrasted with deep blacks are a defining feature of Jason Naylor’s art. The goal of his work is to inspire love and positivism. Typography is the main component of Naylor’s work, which can be found in digital as well as traditional mediums. In a recent Instagram post, he described how technology, in particular the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, had changed his productivity and creative process.

Lulu Chen 

Digital artist Jung Chen, also known as Lulu Chen, hails from San Francisco. She is presently based in Toronto where she works.

Her work is mostly focused on producing innovative settings, distinctive characters, and illustrations for children’s books. Each of her works of art is a well-planned, meticulously rendered environment that elicits only warm feelings due to the appropriate use of hues and tones.

Lulu Chen mostly uses Corel Painter and Adobe Photoshop. She still makes use of conventional media like acrylic paints, colored pencils, gouache, and watercolors.

Kyle Lambert

Kyle Lambert is among the top digital illustrators that produce animated movie posters for the entertainment industry. He resides in Los Angeles and works with a variety of well-known companies. Thus including Netflix, Apple, Paramount Studios, Disney, Marvel, and Universal Studios.

Kyle made the enduring posters for the critically acclaimed Netflix series Stranger Things, which you surely have seen. All three of the series’ seasons were promoted using his poster, which was also used on billboards, action figures, novels, comics, and clothing.

Sara Ludy 

Sara Ludy’s creative output takes the shape of sculptures, websites, movies, animations, and audio-visual events. Her artwork aims to understand the connection between the physical and virtual worlds. She investigates the world of virtual reality in some of her most recent works.

Viktor Miller-Gausa

Viktor Miller-Gausa is a digital artist and artistic director representing Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation. He is renowned for creating stunning digital portraits.

He bombarded the network in November 2019 with fresh depictions of personalities and actors. They include Hunter Schafer, Jim Carrey, Gal Gadot, Billy Eilish, and others.

Creativity is the distinguishing attribute of all digital artists

Although it may not use physical elements, digital art still demands a high level of creativity. Which we can say the above-mentioned artists have mastered.

The Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy states that to be a true digital artist, one must acquire the same abilities for creating digital art as for creating traditional art.

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