The 10 best online translators to translate any text for free

Elizabeth Smith

What do you do when you need a quick translation into another language? Do you turn to a colleague, a friend, or a dictionary? Or do you install a browser extension? In our opinion, the quickest solution is to use the free services that have already been available online for some time. These sites are also able to translate entire sentences. Here are the ten best free online translators.

Google Translate

It is probably the most popular among online translators, if only because it appears in a box, when we search for a word, at the top of the first page of Google results. Really convenient even for entire pages of text or entire sites. And if you think the translation is incorrect you can report it. There are currently over a hundred supported languages.

DeepL Translator

There are only nine languages offered here, but the service is truly excellent (perhaps even better than Google Translate) and sentences are completed automatically. Furthermore, you can also take a look at the definition that appears at the same time at the bottom of the page.

Bing Translator

The service, offered by Microsoft, can identify the language as you type the text to be translated. If you have a microphone available, you can even speak the text to be translated. And, if you want to leave feedback, you can give the translation a thumbs up or down. Available languages: over 60.


There are more than 50 languages available on Translatedict. Language detection is automatic: just enter a term, an expression or a page of text, and press the Translate button. The translation can not only be read, but also listened to by clicking on the speaker button.

The character count is interesting, very useful especially if you have to write posts on social networks with limitations (typically Twitter). If you need professional translations, you can receive a quote by filling out the appropriate form.

This service relies on Microsoft Translator, but supports over 90 languages. The text to be translated can be dictated or typed, while the translation can be read or listened to. And if you think the translation needs to be revised, you can have a translation from a professional with the first 100 words free.

Babylon Online Translator

Babylon is not only a great translation program, but it is also an online service that supports 75 languages, and is quite accurate.

Here too there is the possibility of hiring a professional translator by clicking on the Human Translation button.

PROMT Online Translator

The list of languages supported by this service stops at around twenty. The possibility of assigning a theme (Computer, Kitchen, etc.) in which to frame it to the sentence to be translated is interesting.

You can then copy, paste, check the spelling or consult a dictionary. There is also a virtual keyboard so that if you use the site on a tablet (for example) typing words or texts is simplified.

Collins Dictionary Translator

Collins has been producing an excellent paper dictionary for decades, the online version also offers a translator that supports over 60 languages. The translations are created by Microsoft and can be copied using a special button.

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