The 10 best fitness apps for training at home

We have selected the 10 best free fitness apps for you. Almost all of them have a paid version to unlock the most substantial contents of the application.

Training at home? Why not… As you well know, especially if you are already a lover of physical activity, doing a bit of movement is essential to feeling good both in body and mind. For experts, 20 minutes a day, with repetitions divided into one minute of exercise and 30 seconds of rest, would be enough to be fit.

Tips for starting off on the right foot

The first thing to do is to start with the right motivation. Start by performing controlled and targeted movements, trying to train all the muscles of the body, and paying attention to your weak points and not neglecting a healthy muscle stretch at the end of the workout.

The 10 best fitness apps

Getting lost in the proposed apps can be very frequent because each one seems to have something more than the others. We have selected the 10 best free fitness apps for you. Almost all of them have a paid version to unlock the most substantial contents of the application.

Nike Training Club

The app developed by Nike allows you to choose the type of training by muscle group, equipment, training focus, based on the time you have available and whether or not you want to use the equipment. Complete and really well made.

Adidas Training

Available for both Android and Ios/IpadOS, it is an app that allows you to do personalized exercises, always taking into account the time factor and the parts of the body you want to train.

30 Days Fitness

This is not just an app but a challenge with yourself because you decide the goal to achieve in just 30 days. Start by answering a questionnaire about your fitness habits and then personalize your workout, choosing which area of the body to train and with what difficulty.


This fitness app offers you workouts from 5 to 30 minutes, relying entirely on the motivation of a virtual coach.


Already in the name this app contains the right motivation “Simply Work It”. Thanks to exercise videos explained by real personal trainers it is one of the most complete fitness apps. Choose between a standard or personalized workout, the duration of the session and the area to train.

My Fitness Pal

It is an app made up of three sections, namely fitness, diet and calorie counter: a real mantra to follow if you want to pay attention to nutrition without forgetting physical fitness.


It’s the world’s largest women’s fitness community, with Kayla Itsines (international personal trainer) at the helm. Cardio circuits, toning and nutritional guides compared for a complete and stimulating package


By indicating a goal to achieve and your parameters, 8Fit will provide you with a personalized workout and diet to achieve your wellness goals

Daily Yoga

Not only fitness but also a bit of relaxation for the mind. Daily Yoga offers more than 200 video lessons from basic to advanced levels.

Yoga Go

This yoga-focused app combines personalized fitness and weight loss plans to help you achieve a toned and perfectly balanced body.

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