Why are people returning Apple Vision Pro? These are all the problems encountered

Elizabeth Smith

Praised as the new frontier of wearable technology, on launch day the Apple Vision Pro naturally broke record after record in sales for a high-end device whose price is around $3,500.

However, all that glitters does not appear to be gold. There are dozens and dozens of users who are taking advantage of the 14-day guarantee made available by the Cupertino giant to return the device en masse, complaining of structural and insurmountable problems in the Apple Vision Pro. Let’s see what they are.

What is Apple Vision Pro?

Apple Vision Pro is a mixed reality helmet developed by Apple Inc., announced on June 5, 2023 during Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, becoming one of the most anticipated technological gadgets of 2024.

Pre-orders then began on January 19, 2024, and the device was made available for purchase on February 2, 2024, initially only in the United States.

This is the company’s first entry into a new market segment, that of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

The Apple Vision Pro was designed to immerse users in mixed reality experiences, combining augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) to create an unprecedented interactive digital environment.

This device aimed to revolutionize the way we interact with the digital world, offering applications in both the entertainment and productivity sectors.

However, despite its ambitions and innovative potential, the Apple Vision Pro seems to have turned out to be a flop.

The problems with the Apple Vision Pro

If after this sci-fi description you are pondering the idea of purchasing Apple’s new augmented reality headset, perhaps you should think twice.

There are in fact some structural problems linked to the use of this device, designed to revolutionize both the world of productivity and that of entertainment.

The health effects

The main reason many users are giving up on the Apple Vision Pro appears to be comfort, particularly due to its possible health side effects, such as headaches, irritation and, in some cases, motion sickness.

Another critical issue raised concerns the weight of the device, which, concentrated in the front part, represents an inconvenience for users.

Additionally, more serious cases have been reported, such as ruptured blood vessels in the eyes. Which, although it may seem alarming, is part of a known phenomenon associated with prolonged use of virtual reality (VR) headsets, which can cause dryness and redness of the eyes.

Apple had anticipated some of these concerns and had made a series of indications available to users of the Vision Pro, including a detailed list of precautions, particularly aimed at those with specific medical conditions. Yet, it seems not to have been enough.

Limited functionality

In addition to the health effects, many users report that – although the Apple Vision Pro appears and is actually a cutting-edge technological gem – in reality… it is of little use.

Some, in fact, argue that the product does not justify its high price given the features offered. While recognizing the technological innovation and visual impact of headphones, criticism emerges for a lack of practical applications that enhance the purchase.

On Reddit, a user complains about the device’s insufficiency in terms of productivity, entertainment and games available, making it difficult to justify owning it. Similarly, another comment highlights a user’s decision to return the Vision Pro shortly after opening, citing the lack of everyday utility that motivates the purchase.

Content management and interaction with the user interface also raised further concerns. One user mentions problems using multiple applications at the same time and compatibility with different file types.

In short, spending $3,500 on a headset that offers performance comparable to that of a laptop from 10 years ago, with the addition of possible physical side effects, does not seem to have been a choice appreciated even by the most loyal Apple fans.

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