All about urban trekking, a slow and sustainable way of discovering cities

Urban trekking is a practice that brings together the desire to discover the cultural, landscape and urban beauties of a city, with the good habit of walking on foot. In fact it can also be called “walking tourism”: let’s find out better.

What is urban trekking

Everyone knows trekking. It involves walking and hiking in the area, typically in the midst of nature. Few perhaps know that there is also an “urban” variant of this discipline. A real wandering through the streets of the cities, which can be free and aimless or more structured through routes designed by experts but always strictly on foot.

Urban trekking is a “trip” that brings back the taste of urban exploration for tourists who love to experience their holiday at a slow pace away from the crowds. But it is also suitable for those who have always lived in a city and want to discover its secret places or just lesser-known and beaten corners.

Suitable for everyone, fit or sedentary, it is a form of gentle sports ecotourism that allows you to choose between different itineraries differentiated by length and difficulty.

The benefits are those of brisk walking, which therefore strengthens the cardiovascular system, removing the risks of hypertension and osteoporosis and protecting oneself from stress and anxiety.

The advantages of urban trekking

But let’s see what the advantages are associated with urban trekking or urban hiking:

  • The main advantage ensured by urban trekking is the possibility of discovering new places and artistic beauties, often hidden from tourists or residents due to their location or lack of information;

  • Secondly, urban trekking can also be a form of informal education, as it allows you to learn about the history, culture and architecture of the city in a more direct and engaging way. In this way, urban trekking can also be an educational activity for children and young people, who can discover the city in a fun and stimulating way;

  • Even on a physical level, there are undoubted benefits: walking is good for you, as is known. And urban trekking can in fact be an excellent form of physical activity, which allows you to maintain health and physical fitness, without the need to join a gym or sports centre;

  • Finally, urban trekking can be a very valid socialization experience. It can be useful for meeting people who share similar interests and forming new relationships, as well as for spending time outdoors in the company of friends or family. In this sense, it is also a useful anti-stress, an aid to mental health in these times when life is hectic.

In summary, urban trekking is a form of physical activity and urban exploration that offers numerous benefits for physical and mental health, socialization and cultural education.

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