Joining the technological frontier

Financial analysts recognize the massive growth potential of artificial intelligence and biotechnology.

Global taxation for the digital age

The European Commission’s proposal to create an EU digital services tax is aimed mainly at multinational tech giants. But should the tax take effect, it will be Europe’s own startups and digital ecosystems that pay the highest price

Why do americans pay more for drugs?

Pharmaceutical companies have willfully distorted the US prescriptiondrug market, but nearly all health-care players are complicit. Disrupting such a lucrative, well-entrenched system requires several specific changes

Ai for human development

Technologies powered by artifi cial intelligence are being applied to some of the world’s most challenging human-development issues. But while AI has considerable potential to serve the public good, key bottleneck

Digital dangers to democracy

While we may see the dangers that digital technologies pose to the political system, others see new opportunities to in uence election outcomes. Managing and containing these threats must now be an urgent priority for democrats everywhere.

Lies, damned lies, and AI

As algorithmic decision-making spreads across a broadening range of policy areas, it is beginning to expose social and economic inequities that were long hidden behind “of cial” data The question now is whether we will use these revelations to create a more

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