Global View

Stagflationary pressures in the United States and other advanced economies: is it Policy-Proof?

Like the COVID-19 pandemic, Russia’s war in Ukraine has contributed to the stagflationary pressures in the United States and other advanced economies. While fiscal and monetary authorities currently have the situation under control, they are likely to run up against the limits of their policy options as conditions change.

Binance: the largest cryptocurrency exchange under the FCA

On Saturday, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), banned Binance and affirmed that the firm cannot conduct any “regulated activity” in the country.

Tesla crashes under investigation in The USA: thirty cases linked to the assisted driving system

National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) declares 30 Tesla crashes are linked to automatic pilot. According to US safety regulators, the Tesla assisted driving system has caused 10 deaths since 2016.

What’s happening now?

The terrifying prospect of a nodeal Brexit on March 29 remains in play after the British Parliament emphatically rejected Prime Minister Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement with the EU. Leaving the European Union is painful by design.

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