22 09 2018

Making Water-Smart Energy Choices
Just as the accumulation of carbon in the atmosphere contributes to climate change...

Just as the accumulation of carbon in the atmosphere contributes to climate change, so does the degradation and depletion of water resources. If the world does not adopt a more holistic approach that recognizes this reality, it will be impossible to save the planet.NEW DELHI – Climate change undoubtedly poses a potent – even existential....


18 06 2018

Energy for the Common Good
Aristotle famously contrasted two types of knowledge...

Aristotle famously contrasted two types of knowledge: “techne” (technical know-how) and “phronesis” (practical wisdom). Scientists and engineers have offered the techne to move rapidly from fossil fuels to zero-carbon energy; now we need the phronesis to redirect our politics and economies accordingly.   NEW YORK....


25 01 2018

A New Front in Asia's Water War

For decades, China has been dragging its neighbors into high-stakes games of geopolitical poker over water-related issues. But the country's politically motivated decision to withhold hydrological data from India amounts to an escalation of China's efforts to exploit its status as the world's hydro-hegemon to gain strategic leverage over its....


07 08 2015

Inequality, Immigration, and Hypocrisy
by Kenneth Rogoff

CAMBRIDGE – Europe’s migration crisis exposes a fundamental flaw, if not towering hypocrisy, in the ongoing debate about economic inequality. Wouldn’t a true progressive support equal opportunity for all people on the planet, rather than just for those of us lucky enough to have been born and raised in rich countries?Many thought....


03 08 2015

The Land Battle for Sustainable Development

BONN – As high-level political representatives gather in Addis Ababa this week for the Third International Conference on Financing for Development, there are reasons to be optimistic about the fight against climate change and the pursuit of sustainable development. Investments in renewable energies have topped $270 billion a year, and clean....

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