07 05 2020

AsiaPay unleashes the potential of digital payment and provides solutions to complete digital transactions at ease
AsiaPay wins at Le Fonti Awards -Singapore 2020

Look around the globe and you will see cross-border payment volumes growing several times faster than domestic payments. Due to the evolution of the eCommerce market, consumers are getting more comfortable shopping online via not just local sites, but international sites. The innovations for international payments enable consumers much easier to....


03 04 2020

STRATACACHE Awarded Excellence of the Year at Le Fonti Awards Ceremony in Singapore

Singapore  – March 27th, 2020. Stratacache was awarded for Innovation & Leadership at the 10h Edition of the Le Fonti Awards. The Awards ceremony in Singapore recognized leaders from around the world for their achievements in a wide range of industries.   Each year the Le Fonti....


04 07 2019

Trusters: novità assoluta nel lending crowdfunding
Una trattativa personalizzata del prestito

Trusters, reduce da un primo semestre di operatività a gonfie vele, è amante dei primati: non solo prima piattaforma 100% Made in Italy ma anche prima nell’offrire agli utenti una funzionalità davvero distintiva nel panorama delle piattaforme di lending crowdfunding.  “La nostra community è cresciuta....


12 04 2018

Learning through Innovation
Digital learning solutions for the fast-paced world of tomorrow

CIVITANOVA MARCHE-Amicucci Formazione is a family-owned business leader in the provision  of  training  material to companies interested in acquiring new techniques and methodologies for learning a wide range of  on-the-job and off-the-job concepts. Amicucci’s distinctive training model is based on micro-learning,....


24 01 2018

Making the Future Work for Us

Rapid technology-driven displacement of massive amounts of human labor is not a new occurrence. But while we can't know what opportunities will arise from a such shifts, we do know that most countries should focus on ensuring that they can master every new technology and exploit every new opportunity that comes their....


07 08 2015

The Quiet Financial Revolution Begins
by Mohamed A. El-Erian

LAGUNA BEACH – Steadily and indisputably, the financial services industry – with which we all interact, whether as borrowers, savers, investors, or regulators – has embarked on a multiyear transformation. This process, slow at first, has been driven by the combined impact of two sets of durable forces. On one hand, top-down....


03 08 2015

Drones for Development

LAUSANNE – Unmanned aerial vehicles have populated both the imagination and nightmares of people around the world in recent years. In April, the United States Navy announced an experimental program called LOCUST (Low-Cost UAV Swarming Technology), which officials promise will “autonomously overwhelm an adversary” and thus....

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STRATACACHE Awarded Excellence of the Year at Le Fonti Awards Ceremony in Singapore


Singapore  – March 27th, 2020. Stratacache was awarded for

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Bangkok - E-Global  Trade & Finance Group is an international brokerage firm i

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Nigel Farage, the former UK Independence Party leader, now says that the June 2016 Br