12 10 2018

New white paper published on the rise of European private capital markets
Veneziano & Partners has published a white paper on the Rise of European Private Capital Markets

The white-paper intends to discuss the blossoming of European private capital markets and the consequences that the recent proposals of the European Commission on pre-marketing will have in respect of the dynamics of fundraising in Europe. This white-paper analyses in detail the implications of the proposed regulation on both the operational....


22 09 2018

How to Resolve Europe’s Political Crisis Over Migration
To address the migration issue effectively, Europe must evolve institutionally...

To address the migration issue effectively, Europe must evolve institutionally, so that it can respond more quickly and effectively to common challenges. Whether than means establishing so-called regional disembarkation platforms or some other mechanism remains to be seen.BRUSSELS – Since the European Union’s migration crisis peaked in....


14 09 2018

Global Upside - Going Beyond Expectations
Enthusiasm, optimism and a long-term global strategy are the drivers of this US outsourcing company

Pasadena (CA) - Ragu and Gita Bhargava are successful serial entrepreneurs and they are convinced there is no problem that cannot be solved. Whether it is people, process or technology – everything can be made better with the right skills and the right tools. Ragu and Gita are Co-Founders and CEO and COO, respectively, of Global Upside and....


11 07 2018

Melco Awarded Best Promotions Events Team in Asia
During the March 2018n edition of the Le Fonti Awards Ceremony in Hong Kong

On March 23rd, 2018 Melco Resorts & Entertainment received Le Fonti’s prestigious award for Best Promotions & Events Team of the Year in Asia at the Hong Kong edition of the Le Fonti Awards Ceremony.  This was the second year in a row that the company received the....


04 07 2018

New York was the Venue of the 8th International Edition of the Awards Ceremony

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE       LE FONTI FOOD SUMMIT & AWARDS   New York was the venue of the 8th international edition of the awards ceremony   On July 1st, 2018 the world’s leading corporate stars reunited for a special occasion, the 8th Le Fonti Awards Gala and CEO Summit in New York. Le Fonti Awards....


29 06 2018

Excellence is Believing in Values
Howard Schultz, Executive Chairman of Starbucks voices his opinions and gives his suggestions about what makes this food company so special

Howard Schultz, Executive Chairman of the largest coffee chain in the world, will open the World Innovation Food Summit on May 7th 2018 in Milan, Italy.  He has revolutionized the way we consume and appreciate coffee but has also set new standards for corporate social responsibility and employee benefits.  Workers at Starbucks receive....


28 06 2018

Foreign Exchange Services Made Easy for Everyone
Earnings Opportunities in a Growing International Business for both Seasoned Traders and Novice Learners

Bangkok - E-Global  Trade & Finance Group is an international brokerage firm incorporated in the British Virgin Islands with state-of-the-art technology to assist clients in managing international investments and foreign exchange matters. The company has become successfully renowned worldwide for its flagship brand “Forex4you”....


15 05 2018

HR Disruption: The Digital Evolution in Human Resources
Le Fonti’s CEO Summit in Milan is The Venue to Learn More about Workforces’ Futures in Italy and Abroad.

In an age of digital disruption, technology is transforming every aspect of a company including employee recruitment and managing a 21st-century workforce. In order to keep up the evolution, HR and business leaders can no longer operate in their old paradigms.  A CEO Summit was held on the topic and organized by Le Fonti in Milan on March....


20 04 2018

MobiWeb Awarded Excellence of the Year at the Le Fonti Awards Ceremony in Hong Kong

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   MobiWeb Awarded Excellence of the Year at the Le Fonti Awards Ceremony in Hong Kong   Hong Kong – April 20th, 2018. MobiWeb was awarded for Excellence of the Year Innovation & Leadership SMS Messaging Provider at the 40th edition of the Le Fonti Awards. The Awards ceremony was held at the Sheraton....


13 04 2018

Global Ambitions for US Specialty Food
Bringing Everyone Together

SAN FRANCISCO — With over 1,400 exhibitors and over 25,000 visitors, the Winter edition of the Fancy Food Show held in San Francisco from January 21-23 is the largest trade fair on the West Coast of North America for the specialty food industry.  .   The Specialty Food Association, a not-for-profit trade association for food....


12 04 2018

Streamlining Asset Protection in the Digital Era
Asset protection and wealth management in the digital age

VADUZ - Mr. Kaiser is Executive Chairman of Kaiser Partner, a wealthmanagement company based in Liechtenstein. Helping to responsibly grow and preserve private wealth, Kaiser Partner is an award-winning wealth manager with roots dating back to 1931. Comprising a leading trust company, a private bank specializing in asset management,  an....


12 04 2018

Perseverance and Reliability in International Legal Assistance
A long-lasting and consistent relationship with private and company clients both in Italy and abroad

MILAN  -  Chiara Padovani’s international  law  firm hasgained the reputation of being a reliable legal partner providing judicial assistance and highly qualified legal services for both Italian and foreign clients, including private customers and companies.Expertise, accuracy, independence and confidentiality are the....


28 03 2018

Highlighted by the CEO Summit on Leadership & Innovation: skills and visions for growth

On March 23rd 2018, the world’s leading corporate stars reunited for a special occasion, the ­­­40th Le Fonti Awards Gala and CEO Summit in Hong Kong. Le Fonti Awards are held each year in multiple locations (7 events in 2017) recognizing industry leaders in banking, business, economics, finance, sustainability, law, healthcare,....


25 01 2018

How to be at the Forefront of the TLC Industry
Towngas Telecommunications, China

The company is well-known as an important provider of data centre services and network connectivity solutions and has now adopted pioneer technological solutions in sustainable telecommunication infrastructures, becoming a landmark in the industry.  Telecommunication infrastructures, glass-along-gas technology, network connectivity, cloud....


24 01 2018

How to be an Innovator
The Keys to Success: Consciousness, intellectual awareness and mindfulness

 Mr. Vito Rotondi, CEO of MEP Group, was awarded as CEO of the Year for Innovation Industrial Machinery Italy. He became CEO in 2014 and holds a university degree in Business Administration and a Master's degree in R&D Management from Harvard University. He gave some very intersting answers to WEIE about innovation and industry 4.0.....


07 08 2015

CME Clearing Europe appoints Tina Hasenpusch as CEO

CME Clearing Europe has promoted Tina Hasenpusch to Chief Executive Officer. She will replace Lee Betsill, who will be returning to Chicago as Managing Director, Global Clearing Operations at CME Clearing.Hasenpusch previously served as Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer of CME Clearing Europe, and has worked closely with Betsill in....


31 07 2015

Virtus selects SunGards VPM to launch new credit hedge fund administration service

Virtus Partners has launched a new hedge fund administration service focused on credit and fixed income managers. The offering is built on SunGard’s VPM portfolio accounting and reporting solution, part of SunGard’s Hedge360 suite, providing efficiency in credit trading without compromising transparency. Alternative investment....

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