Why investors should look at primary health care

primary health care

No one could have predicted the extent to which COVID-19 would erode decades of progress in global public health. And the world is still reeling from the shock. But we have the opportunity – and the duty – to learn the right lessons to mitigate the ongoing pandemic, while minimizing the risk of similar events in the future

Germany offers state relief on gas prices

Germany offers state relief

Germany is taking an unusually direct approach to help companies and individuals get through the short-term price increases for gas and heating currently affecting many countries in the world. It’s taking over gas bills for December.

ICIS launches Europe’s first market-linked renewable hydrogen assessments

renewable hydrogen

 ICIS, a global source of Independent Commodity Intelligence Services, has launched the first renewable hydrogen price assessments to reflect the market value of renewable electricity. This product will support participants with the intelligence needed to develop a liberalised clean hydrogen market and optimise energy transition resources. European policymakers have earmarked the development of a traded hydrogen […]